Biomass and Futures


Hemp Biomass- In large quantities
Size of purchase will determine price. Current price is $3.70 per pound.
Our hemp biomass is sourced from organically grown non-GMO industrial
hemp that has been tested by 3rd party laboratories.
Our Labs extract pure CBD isolate from industrial hemp biomass, and have
a corner on the market and we can facilitate all your hemp biomass needs.
We can also source Biomass for you and have our labs extract it to your
specifications. Or, our network of Extractors can extract your Biomass!
Organically Harvested

Our sourced industrial non-GMO hemp is organically grown and tested by
a 3rd party laboratory to ensure quality.


  • Organically Grown Non-GMO Hemp
  • Harvested with Care
  • Our Sourced Industrial Hemp Biomass is 3rd Party Tested
  • Potency (Cannabinoid Level)
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals Solvents

Wholesale Isolate


99.98% Pure CBD at $4,500 per Kg. or lower depending on quantity!
BioVentures sources 99.8% pure CBD isolate crystalline for wholesale
purchase only. Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate is extracted from industrial
hemp using supercritical CO2 extractors.

– 99.98% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate
– Extracted from Industrial Hemp
– Pure Odorless/Flavorless CBD Isolate Crystalline

Organic Hemp Extract
At BioVentures, we source organically grown non-GMO hemp from
labs who use supercritical CO2 extractors to produce the purest CBD
available on the market today. We additionally offer Synthetic or
Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Isolate.

– Organically Grown Non-GMO Hemp
– Harvested with Care
– Every Kilo is 3rd Party Tested & Analyzed
– Potency (Cannabinoid Level)
– Pesticides
– Heavy Metals
– Solvents

CBD Toll Processing


  • Toll processing is a done-for-you processing service to produce CBD from
    your hemp flower or Biomass.
  • Processing Hemp and CBD starts with drying, curing and trimming hemp biomass or hemp flower to ensure that cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved for extraction.
  • BioVentures’ contract manufacturing labs can process your high CBD
    flower or hemp biomass into CBD oil, Crude, distillate, isolate or other
  • You can then sell the extract or have it manufactured into CBD products.
    Toll processing services are available throughout the CBD hemp manufacturing process.
  • Hemp CBD Processing Split
  • Hemp CBD Processing splits are a form of toll processing service where
    the farmer (or owner of the flower product) contracts a lab to process their high CBD flower or hemp biomass into CBD rich hemp oil, CBD distillate, CBD isolate or other products.
  • BioVentures offers processing split services through its network of hemp
    CBD manufacturing labs in North America and internationally.
  • Once you’ve processed your product, we can also arrange CBD Contract
    Manufacturing Services for large scale wholesale orders.

Extraction Equipment


  • Micro to High Capacity Commercial Biomass Extractors equipped with
    provisionally patented unique technologies. Our equipment is the most
    economical and most superior equipment available globally delivered
    within accelerated lead times.
  • Due to the sensitive confidentiality regarding the details of our equipment, inquiries must be made prior to disclosure of specifications and pricing.Upon confirmation of a serious inquiry, customer will receive a surplus of support and the consultation necessary to make an informed decision of the system most optimal for your laboratory.
  • Extractors are designed to accommodate all botanicals.
  • Financing options may be provided through third party lenders.
  • Extraction Lab Facility Set Up Consultations are available.

Contact Us: 877-540-3444

Purchase Process

Wholesale CBD, Isolate, Biomass and Tolling Extraction

1. Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention
   Agreement to be signed with prospective buyer/broker or buyer’s
2. Buyer will be provided with Letter of Intent outlining pricing and
   quantity details as well as basic structure of transaction.
3. We will then request Proof of Funds Verification from Buyer
    (required prior to purchase).

Following Proof of Funds Verification, our lab will provide product samples if required for testing purposes.


  1.  Purchase Agreement for Buyer and Proof of Product with Certificate of Authenticity from recent Batch/Lot will be provided by BioVentures.
  2. Upon approval, Buyer will sign escrow agreement and move funds into designated escrow account and/or wire funds to designated bank account specified in Purchase Agreement.
  3. Following movement of funds, product will be made available to Buyer in  accordance with terms of Purchase Agreement.
  4. Buyer will be provided with opportunity to test product via third party testing facility prior to taking delivery of product.
  5. Once Buyer has accepted product, product is released to Buyer in conjunction with release of funds from escrow.